Monday, December 20, 2004

My car was stolen!!! Part 2

Last night at midnight I started making the list of everything I could remember that was in my car, so I could add that to my claim with my insurance if they covered things like that. And considering how much is in my car, I actually think I got everything! LOL Took a whole page of notebook paper, but I think I got all the important stuff anyhow.

Well today about 1:00 or so here, I got a phone call that my car had been found. Gold star to the Dallas PD!!! Not even 18 hours after it's reported stolen they found it and recovered it! Anyhow, someone was driving the car and they pulled that person over and immediately arrested them. So now they are supposed to contact me about pressing charges (YOU BET I AM!!). And since someone was driving it, obviously not much damage, if any. Right now my car is sitting in the DPD Auto Pound awaiting me picking it up. I told them I was out of town til after the New Year and the charges to "store" my car are outrageous! $95 towing fee, a "processing" fee, and $32/day till I pick it up! You can imagine how much THAT would cost me if I had to wait till I get home. Fortunately, in this case, since Dusty is the one who filed the report, he can pick it up. So he's heading down tomorrow to get it.

He knows my car so he'll be able to tell if there is any damage to it. I also sent him my list of what was in the car so he can check to make sure nothing is missing. If anything is, I'll settle with the insurance company when I get home. I already called to tell them it was found and where it was and they told me what they can pay for and what they can't based on my insurance I have on the car.

So I can rest easier now, knowing that my car is found and hopefully not damaged! And poor Dusty can breathe a sigh of relief as he was close to freaking out about it all, being as it was my car and not his own.

Mom just told me Susan is patiently waiting for the computer so I better log off for the night. I'll post today's adventures later on.


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