Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I got a Commander's Coin!

These are a HUGE deal to get in the Army and I received one today from
the Colonel on post. I received a General's coin over a year ago and
that was a huge deal too. It's such an honor to be recognized with one
of these coins as they aren't given out to just anyone.

The COL gave them to three of us in our office here as a thank you for
the commitment and support we've put into building this place up into
what it is. We've all worked very hard to improve the facility and the
programs and I was just thrilled that our hard work has been recognized.
Such a wonderful feeling to know how much I am appreciated. Makes those
frustrating days where everything is going wrong or worrying about our
contracts being renewed seem like such a little thing in the scheme of
things. Now I have a nice warm fuzzy to carry me through the rest of the

I need to find a place that sells or makes display cases so I can show
off my coins. :-) The other one I received is in a drawer at home so I
guess this one will join it there in the meantime


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