Monday, January 05, 2009

2008 New Year's Resolutions Recap

I had to go hunt this down to see how I did. LOL Here are my results:

1. - Well I did manage to pay off two or three cards completely. One I cancelled, one I kept for emergencies since it is a low limit only around $1500.00. One I had them cut my credit limit in half after I paid it off but haven't yet made up my mind if I'll cancel it or not. And another one I just had the credit limit cut almost in half today (1/5/09).

2. - well some weeks were worse than others.

3. - uh... nope, didn't happen. Started strong but...

4. - I did join a gym and started dieting. I lost about 20 lbs then stalled out. Haven't gained any back though. :-)  Still did really well on the gym through until the holidays when I went home.

5. - Sort of. Still ate out too much but stopped, for the most part, buying the stuff I shouldn't be eating.

6. - Did really well most of the year but towards the end of the year had to pull a couple hundred out for Christmas presents.

7. - Read a total of 187 books and more than 50% were Harlequins, not much more than 50%, but still, I beat it. :-)

2008 Resolutions:
1. Continue to work on getting out of debt. Get more credit cards paid off and cancelled while not building up even more debt.
2. Stop goofing so much at work. 
3. Get caught up on reviews (and review books I need to read) and keep caught up. 
4. Start exercising again and get in shape again and lose this darned 45-50 lbs again! 
5. Eat healthier. 
6. Get more money put away in savings in case of emergencies or exciting opportunities.
7. Read 150 books and keep up my 50/50 or Harlequin books vs other books that I need for the challenge.


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