Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Monday 12/20

I think I got all the way through Sunday before stopping the other day. So I'll pick up with Monday.

I went out to my old office around 11:00 so I could see all my old coworkers and friends there. Everyone was really happy to see me and almost everyone I had wanted to see was there. A couple people were out, either on vacation or sick so I missed them. We had a group of about 12 of us who went to lunch together so that was nice to have a lot of time to catch up and relax. And it is such a good feeling to know I still have so many friends up here. :-)

After lunch I went back to the office with everyone and didn't leave til the end of the day when they all were leaving. So I had a good long time to talk to everyone as much as I wanted and not feel rushed to be somewhere else.

Jackie and I had planned to go out that afternoon, but her nieces have been sick so she ended up going over to her sister's house to help take care of them. Cindy and Geoff have a brand new baby (only a few weeks old) and they are really worried about keeping the older two girls from getting the baby sick. So though it didn't work out for Jackie and I to go out, it worked out that I could spend more time at the office with everyone there.

Monday night I don't think I went anywhere but I can't remember now. LOL I think I was home for dinner and I know I was online for a while that night checking e-mail and posting all those entries in here.


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