Monday, April 30, 2007

I found the stash!!!

Yes, I found the secret hiding places where the furballs hide all their "caught" mice (just toy ones! No real ones. LOL) I've been in heavy duty spring cleaning mode doing the once a year take down all the curtains, etc, move all the furniture to get the floors, walls, ceilings, whatever behind them. While cleaning my bedroom today (which is far from done BTW, I got stuff EVERYwhere and will be sleeping on the couch tonight since the bed has become temporary shelving until I get everything cleaned up and put away and the spare bed has been "shelving" for scattered books, etc for a few months now) I found many many surprises. I found probably FIFTY toy mice and assorted other balls, etc, even a pocket pack of Kleenex the cats stashed. Where did I find them? Under my chest of drawers and my dresser. Yep, not one but TWO secret stashes. LOL So now the toys are all over the living room till I gather them all up. Guess who is NOT getting any new toys for a while. Yep. LOL My babies must be the most spoiled rotten cats in the country.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Karina said...


That is hillarious! Even funnier because just this weekend I also found my cat's "stash"...well, at least one of them, and it was under my nightstand, and I also found out when I took out the drawers...too funny.

OH, and I also found my missing bottle of excedrin...dang cat!


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