Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Uh oh.. More storms coming. Just in time for a huge event

More thunderstorms tonight and a good possibility of more tornadoes. All
supposed to hit just in time for rush hour.

And even worse in regards to timing... Tonight in Dallas is a HUGE
charity event, Lift Up America, that I am working at as a volunteer.
(http://www.liftupamerica.org or
http://www.liftupamerica.org/videos/2006entertainmentdvd.html which
shows what's happening tonight). We had our training meeting last night
and they spent the bulk of the meeting discussing emergency plans in the
event of severe weather tonight. The event starts at 3:30 and goes till
10, and this is the prime time the storms are expected. I've got
auditorium duty so at least I'll be indoors all night. But some of my
friends who are also working tonight are on outside duty. But my job
will become a lot more involved if there is an emergency or anything.

So I hope the weather isn't as bad as is expected. They are expecting
3000 guests tonight which could get very hairy if the weather
interferes. I am really looking forward to this function tonight as is
everyone participating. So fingers and toes are crossed and a few
prayers sent out that everything goes smoothly tonight.

I'm sure I'll be talking all about it after the whole thing is over and
I get home tonight.


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