Thursday, June 14, 2007

update on my computer and painting woes... and then some

The painters did come on Tuesday and fix my wall. Not that red was ugly or anything, It was actually a very nice color. It just DID NOT GO with my entire living room! LOL So now it is the nice medium blue color it was supposed to be. And it's amazing how much different the room looks now! I get to spend this weekend re-hanging curtains and pictures and stuff. :-)

My computer at work seemed to be working OK again Wednesday morning, but crashed again mid afternoon and I couldn't get it to come back. Spent several hours dealing with that this morning only to find out it's either the OS is corrupted or the hard drive went bad. Fixable if it's just the OS, not so easily fixable if it's the drive. So my boss found me a spare computer in Little Rock he's having delivered to me for temporary use while we get mine fixed. Dropped mine off today at a place that does data recovery (and did for me when my old laptop crashed a few years ago and couldn't be fixed) and am now waiting to find out how much it will cost. It could be anywhere from $600 to $1600. Fortunately the boss is paying for it!

But it gets even better... My home computer crashed last night. Fortunately it was working again almost immediately but now I need to do a back up to be safe. My printer at home hasn't worked in three weeks and I have no clue why. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the blasted thing!

Oh and as if I needed something else, I realized I HAVE to get my car inspected tomorrow or I won't get a chance to do it before it expires the end of this month. My brake light has been coming on at random for a couple months, but never stayed on. Well this week, it's on and staying on. My car is 6 years old and I think it's still the original brakes. So I've got a sneaking suspicion they are going to tell me tomorrow that I need new brakes.

16 days till I leave for Spain! I keep reminding myself of that. Vacation is coming!!! I'm thrilled to pieces it's coming up so quick but at the same time I'm stressing hugely over it. I've never been to Europe without Dad to pave the way and know what to do in every eventuality. L has never been there not on a tour group. So I'm stressing that it's just the two of us and will everything work out OK. We got in to a big argument on the phone the other night over the trip too. We've calmed down significantly and are completely fine again but I think that just shows the stress of planning it is getting to both of us.

Fortunately Dad has a friend in Barcelona who gave me his phone number in case we have an emergency and need to reach someone. His friend also called me today so I could ask some questions and get some ideas. And he told me to e-mail him anything I need to ask. He said e-mail him 100 times with different questions if I need to and he'll do his best to answer all of them. :-) So it's nice to know I have a "wingman" over there to help out if something comes up L and I don't know how to handle.

Oh and one more thing, very minor compared to the rest but hey, this has been the week from hell! LOL I got clawed pretty bad (completely by accident) by one of my cats last night. He was pouncing to do something he's not supposed to do. I reached out and caught his hind leg. But of course that was painful for him so he's reaching out with the other hind leg trying to ease the pressure of being caught mid-leap by a foot. Well he got me right across the chin with his other leg. I could tell when it happened it was deep and long. Felt like a knife slice. I've been clawed accidentally before but usually minor. It was just the wrong angle and I got it good. So I have this beautiful deep scratch across my chin and up the jaw line a bit where he got me. I was in the bathroom at 1 AM loading on the peroxide and antibacterial ointment in the hopes it won't get infected.

Now I need to go make sure I have everything I need off the computer for my trip to San Antonio next week (directions, reservations, etc) since I couldn't do it at work.

So how was your week? LOL

P.S. Oh yeah I forgot. Also somehow today I got some blue powder or dye or something all over my clothes at work and I have no idea what it is or where it came from! So I have blue spots scattered on my fingers and all over my skirt (I hope it washes out!)


At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least your wall is blue! But yikes, you've had a run of bad luck!!! :(

Years ago, I had the same thing happen with my cat. Now I have this faint scar on my arm to remind me of him.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Karina said...

Wow, you've had ALOT going on this week huh? Glad to hear your wall is blue now...I completely understand that even though the red was nice, if it doesn't go, well, then it doesn't go! ;-)

About the printer...what is up with printers lately? I've heard of at least two other people (and me) who have been having the same type of printer issues..I've uninstalled and reinstalled mine twice as well, and it'll work for a day, and then stop working again...WEIRD!

OH, and I just got clawed by my cat last night too...not as bad as yours sounds, but same general idea, I was trying to keep her from going somewhere, and she sort of spazzed trying to catch herself, so I have some...five actually...nice scratch marks on my arm and hand right now...gotta love our pets!

At 11:04 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

fortunately the end of the week went better so I'm hoping that my run of bad luck is over now.:-)


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