Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm going to cry... I really am...

I'm SO frustrated right now I really AM going to start crying! I've been fighting this d*mned computer for over two months now! First for almost six weeks trying to solve my virus problems before I finally realized nothing I could do would fix it and I took it to the shop. Then I had to hound Circuit City because they never bothered to call me after they realized they couldn't clean off all the malware and wanted to recommend a hard drive wipe. THEN they didn't bother to call me to tell me THAT was done! Then I pick it up and need to start reinstalling my software since I refused to pay for them to do that due to cost. So I start doing that only to find my USB ports WERE working when I first started, but are no longer. And nothing I do to try to fix that works. So I finally decide I have to call Dell. But of course it's a super long wait on the phone AND for whatever reason even though I'm calling the correct phone number, it keeps connecting to a line strictly for PDA tech support.
So I go online and try an online chat with an agent. Have to wait 10 minutes for a free agent. Then he starts me doing stuff and one of the files he sent me froze my computer so I had to reboot. Connection lost. Try again, wait another 10 minutes for another agent. He connects to my system remotely and starts to do some work. Then he tells me to connect something to my USB port. Computer freezes, as it does EVERY single time I try, if the computer even realizes the ports are there. Connection lost. Try again, wait another 10 minutes for an agent. And they proceed to tell me the only thing they can try is a BIOS update. If that doesn't work, I need a new motherboard, but at that point they say I'm better off buying a new computer. Easy for them to say! They aren't the ones who have to shell out over a thousand bucks for a new computer that may not even work with some of my extra software since all the software is for Windows XP and now everything is Vista!
So I'm so fed up and tired of fighting this thing I just want to cry. I KNOW I really should get a new computer. But I wanted to get some more time out of this one since I rally don't need to drop another grand right now, two months before Christmas.