Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Thank the Lord!

YAY!!! I FINALLY got my signed contract at work today! Talk about taking it to the wire. My current contract expires tomorrow and I just got the signed one today. So I don't need to panic now. I'm not going to be unemployed for even a day. I can rest easy knowing I'm covered until May 31 next year!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What are you reading?

I've not been doing very good about keeping up on this. LOL

Currently I am reading Here with Me by Holly Jacobs (due out n July) in print and A Mistress for Marcos by Ellen Ashe (due out June 23) in eBook format. So far both are very good, but I have yet to go wrong with anything by either of these two authors.

In audio format I am listening to Once a Thief by Michelle Hauf and Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey. Both of these are very good so far though I keep getting distracted from OaT since I've been listening primarily at work.

Other recent reads or listened I've finished this week are Beguiled by Alice Borchardt (audio abridged), Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters (audio unabridged), Captive Moon by C T Adams and Cathy Clamp (due out in August and the latest Sazi series book), The Sorcerer's Mark by Ellen Ashe and Midnight Tryst by Ellen Ashe.


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Friday, May 19, 2006

XPOST PROMO: CK2S Kwips and Kritiques is updated!

MAY 2006


*** We have been very busy this past month to bring you the best! With just under 50 new reviews posted, CK2S K2 is going strong and getting even better! I'm sure everyone can find something their to their tastes so we hope you'll all drop by. We are still having some issues with the new review database, but we hope to have it all worked out soon on the new reviews page. Until the database is fixed, you'll find all the reviews posted in a list on the new reviews page

*** Check out our interviews page to find a link to our new interview with debut author Karen Chance, whose debut book, Touch the Dark, is due out June 6. Coming in June, we will be visiting with Ellen Ashe. So check back for our conversation with this rising author.

At this time we aren't taking interview requests. We don't want to end up being scheduled several months in advance so we are sticking to contacting authors to request interviews with them. This will possibly change in the future but for now we decided this was the best route to go. We will be scheduling them as we can and as often as we are able.

***PLEASE NOTE: With regards to graphics posted on the site the decision has been made that we want to be family friendly, and therefore will not be posting banners, book covers, or other graphics that we consider to be "NC-17" or "X" rated. We won't be posting graphics with excessive nudity. In cases where a book is reviewed with cover art we do not consider appropriate, cover art will not be posted. We DO review erotica, but we still want to keep this website family friendly in regards to art work.

***We have a few new banners on our Links page so please go take a look at what authors are featured there Don't forget to drop by their sites as well!

We are more than willing to post author and publisher links free of charge. Please keep in mind we will NOT post graphics that we feel have excessive nudity or would be considered too suggestive. All we ask is that you please return the favor and select one of our banners from our Links to Us page if you are featured on our link page. If you are not on the page and would like to be, please send your banner to Kelley and she will get it posted.

***We have some more exciting news from the web on our news page with some information from around the web. Please visit our News from the Web page to find out the latest. If you have news you'd like to share with our reading community, please send it to news@ck2skwipsandkritiques.com and we will get it posted.

Authors, are you interested in having your books reviewed here? If so please send requests to reviews@ck2skwipsandkritiques.com. We are still a very small site with only a few reviewers as of yet but we'll be happy to see if we have a volunteer for your books. We cannot promise every request sent to us will be filled since we are so small, but we will do as much as we can as fast as we can.

Our rating system:
5 Klovers - Excellent
4 Klovers - Good
3 Klovers - Average
2 Klovers - You may want to think about it first
1 Klover - Pass on this one

Are you interested in being a reviewer? We are looking for a few more dedicated members to join our staff. We are a small site and have no grand plans for growing into something huge. We do however hope to get a strong reputation for quality reviews and to build good relationships with authors and publishers alike.

Some review experience is appreciated but not required. If you are interested in joining our staff, please submit a sample review to reviews@ck2skwipsandkritiques.com. We will read it and get back to you as soon as we can.


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Now open! CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Your Five Variable Love Profile

Your Five Variable Love Profile

Propensity for Monogamy:

Your propensity for monogamy is medium.
In general, you prefer to have only one love interest.
But it's hard for you to stay devoted for too long!
There's too much eye candy to keep you from wandering.

Experience Level:

Your experience level is high.
You've loved, lost, and loved again.
You have had a wide range of love experiences.
And when the real thing comes along, you know it!


Your dominance is medium.
You tend to be the one with more power.
You aren't a total control freak in relationships..
But of course you don't mind getting you way!


Your cynicism is low.
You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance.
No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter.
You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate.
And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon.


Your independence is medium.
In relationships, you need both "me time" and "we time."
You usually find it easy to be part of a couple.
But occasionally you start to feel a little smothered.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What are your two elements and what is your symbol?

What two elements are you and whats your symbol?

you are a rainstorm...wind and water are your elements....you're either very calm or controlled...you may act silly, but you are pleased with yourself. Your motto is: whatever will be will be

Take this

What type of fairy are you?

What type of fairy are you? -Great Pics-

You are the wise fairy. You know all. People come to you for support and advice; and you love to help them. Just sometimes these people you call your "friends" may take advantage of you and all your power. They may just suck...you...dry."This world is not conclusion;A sequel stands beyond,Invisable, as music,But postitive, as sound.It beckons and it baffles;Philosophies don't know,And through a riddle, at the last,Sagacity must go.To guess it puzzles scholars;To gain, men have shownContempt of generations,And crucifixion known." -Emily Dickinson

Take this quiz!

Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??

Take this quiz!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Which superhero are you?

Your results:
You are Supergirl

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Lean, muscular and feminine.
Honest and a defender of the innocent.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Friday, May 05, 2006

How well do you know me??

For instance, did you know...? 

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1.  Environmental Scientist/Specialist/etc
2.  Retail Sales/Management
3.  Fast Food cook (at my college, not McD's or any place like that, but still fast food)
4.  Third Shift Retail Stock worker
 Four movies I could watch over and over
1.  Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
2.  Anne of Green Gables (Finally had to buy it on DVD after almost wearing out my VHS I've had for years)
3.  Phantom of the Opera
4.  Gone with the Wind
Four places I have lived:
1.  Bethel Park, PA
2.  Doylestown, PA (college dorm)
3. Irving, TX
4. Greentree, PA
Four TV shows I love to watch: 
1.  Gilmore Girls
2.  Alias
3.  Smallville
4.  LOST

FOUR places I have been on vacation: 
1.  Italy
2.  Myrtle Beach South Carolina
3.  Switzerland
4.  Disney World

Four websites I visit daily: 
1. My Yahoo
2. Amazon
3. Yahoo Mail
4. My Space (almost every day)

Four of my favorite foods: 
1.  Tortilla Chips and Salsa
2.  Sushi
3.  Stuffed Green Peppers
4.  Mom's Navy Bean Soup

Four places I would rather be right now: 
1.  Sitting by the pool with my book (if it weren't dark out!)
Four friends who I've tagged that I think will respond 
1.  not tagging anyone


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Monday, May 01, 2006


Dang it! I wish the pictures would have come through!

GUILTY AS CHARGED ON THIS ONE!!!! AND REMEMBER THOSE FRIENDSHIP PINS?!?!?! (NEAR THE END) And BTW, for me it was Luke Duke no matter what. :-)

YOU WERE A GIRL IN THE 70S (and 80’s) IF...
You wore a rainbow shirt that had half-sleeves; the rainbow went up one sleeve, across your chest, and down the other.

You made baby chocolate cakes in your Easy Bake Oven and washed them down with snow cones from your Snoopy Snow Cone Machine.

You had that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that actually worked.
You owned a bicycle with a banana seat and a plastic basket with flowers on it.

You learned to skate with actual skates (not roller blades) that had metal wheels.
You thought Gopher from the Love Boat was cute! (Admit it!)
You had nightmares after watching Fantasy Island.
You had rubber boots for rainy days and Moon boots for snowy days.

You had either a "bowl cut" or "pixie," not to mention the "Dorothy Hamill" because your Mom was sick of braiding your hair. People sometimes thought you were a boy.

Your Holly Hobbie sleeping bag was your most prized possession.

You wore a poncho, gauchos, and knickers.

You begged Santa for the electronic game Simon.

You could spend hours playing Pong!

You had the Donnie and Marie dolls with those pink and purple satiny shredded outfits.You spent hours in your backyard on your metal swing set with the trapeze.(The swing set tipped over at least once!)You were really into ping pong and pogo sticks.
You had homemade ribbon barrettes in every imaginable color.
You had a pair of Doctor Scholl's sandals (the ones with hard sole &the buckle).
You wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder really bad; you wore that Little House on the Prairie-inspired plaid, ruffle shirt with the high neck in at least one school picture; and you despised Nellie Olson!
You wanted your first kiss to be at a roller rink.Your hairstyle was described as having "wings" or "feathers" and you kept it "pretty" with the comb you kept in your back pocket.You had to make sure that no boys would grab the comb out of your back pocket andskate away at the roller rink!You know who Strawberry Shortcake is, as well as her friends, Blueberry,Muffin and Huckleberry Pie.

You carried a lunch box to school and it was metal, not plastic.
You and your girlfriends would fight over which of the Dukes of Hazzard, was your boyfriend.
Every now and then "It's a Hard Knock Life" from the movie, "Annie" will pop into your brain and you can't stop singing it the whole day.
YOU had Star Wars action figures, too!
It was a big event in your household each year when the "Wizard of Oz"would come on TV. Your mom would break out the popcorn and sleeping bags!You often asked your Magic-8 ball the question: "Who will I marry. Shaun Cassidy,Leif Garrett or Andy Gibb?"
You completely wore out your Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Fame soundtrack record albums.

You tried to do lots of arts and crafts,like yarn and Popsicle-stick God's eyes, decoupage, or those weird potholders made on a plastic loom.
You made Shrinky-Dinks and put iron-on kittens on your t-shirts!

You used to tape record songs off the radio by holding your portable tape player up to the speaker.You couldn't wait to get the free animal poster that came when you ordered books from the Scholastic book club. Double score if it was a teddy bear dressed in clothing. And the posters always had permanent creases because they came folded!
You learned everything you needed to know about "the facts of life" from Judy Blume books.

You thought Olivia Newton John's song "Physical" was about aerobics.
You wore friendship pins on your tennis shoes, or shoelaces with heart or rainbow designs.

You wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.
You had a Big Wheel with a brake on the side, and a Sit-n-Spin.
How about drowning yourself in Love's Baby Soft? The first "real" perfume you ever owned!
You had subscriptions to Dynamite and Tiger Beat.

You spent your allowance on Smurfs and stickers for your sticker album!


How will I be defined?

Kelley --


100% kinky

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