Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm so excited! Have to share...

Some of you know I'm in Las Vegas this week for work. (With all the evenings free!) I'm not a gambler so really have no interest in the whole casino thing except to visit a few and see what they look like. But there was one thing I absolutely HAVE to do while here and that of course is to see one of the shows Vegas is famous for. And for me, top priority is a Cirque du Soleil show. I saw a traveling show a few years back when one came through Dallas and I absolutely LOVED it! And I've heard their shows in Vegas are the best in the world that they do. So my big hope was to snag a ticket to a show without bankrupting myself. There are five different ones here and i didn't care which one I saw, I just wanted to see one of them.
Well I went to the ticket office at the Bellagio yesterday to see if i could find a ticket. And I go tone! I'm so excited! And even better, I got a ticket for the one of their shows that was my first choice. AND it didn't break the bank. It actually cost right about what I thought it would and the most I was willing to pay. So Thursday night I have a ticket to go see "O," which is a show that combines a lot of synchronized swimming with aerial acrobatics. I can't wait!
And if you want to see details on the one I'm going to, here's the link: