Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some people are such idiots

Some random guy contacted me over IM tonight. Saw my profile and saw I support the soldiers in the military and saw that my job is listed as an Environmental Scientist. So he proceeded to tell me I'm a hypocrite because I support the military and claim to be an environmental advocate. says all the military cares about is destroying things and blowing things up and don't give a damn if they trash the environment.

Doesn't matter that we follow all the same laws and regs as everyone else, and that lots of times we are held to stricter standards because of the government's "deep pockets." Doesn't matter that my entire job is all about making sure military activities are as protective of the environment as is humanly possible. Doesn't matter that the military is as much, if not more, about rebuilding and assisting others than blowing people and places up for the hell of it.

Then he goes on to attack me and say we support nuclear power in spite of the fact it is more damaging to the environment than helpful. (Which by the way, no one I've come in contact with in regards to the Reserves has ever heard of any of the facilities they work with having anything to do with nuclear power.

Then he says "but of course you know everything since you work with it all the time." So he's "not going to bother me anymore."

And of course all of these attacks came while I was in the middle of something else and not able to read them immediately or I'd have blocked his name before he could go in to all this crap about me personally destroying the world. All because I have on my profile a big bold message saying I thank the military for all they do and for protecting our rights etc etc and dare to have the nerve to call myself an "environmental scientist."


Like I said in the subject line, some people are such idiots.

Monday, August 28, 2006

rain rain please DON'T go away and please still come another day

Woo Hoo! Yes we got RAIN!!! and it still isn't done! We need it so badly.

Rain started yesterday afternoon as I was leaving a meeting after church. my first thought was "Oh great there goes my relaxing day by the pool." Then I realized what I was thinking and gave myself a mental slap! LOL How can I possibly be upset we got the rain we've desperately needed for so long?

The lakes and rivers are extremely low and it's sad to see them all slowly drying up. it's not quite as noticeable when driving or walking by except in some cases. but seeing it from overhead as I was flying to and from my vacations this summer, you could really see how bad it's gotten. From that high up the water marks of where the levels should be and where they are, are so obvious that no one can miss the significance.

And as I was driving to Little Rock last week for work, I was amazed at all the areas of previous brush fires I drove past. All back and forth across I-30 there were patches everywhere that all the trees and greenery was dead and you could see all the charring on the ground and the tree trunks from the fires. it was terrible to see. And I just kept thinking I was so glad I didn't have to be driving there while the fires were burning. Brush fires are fairly common down here, but made worse these past two summers due to no significant precipitation.

So after a couple seconds of being disappointed I couldn't lounge by the pool all afternoon I decided to sit by the window and just watch the rain for a while. And today it's supposed to rain all day long, maybe tomorrow too.

Another positive thing about the rain is we have now dropped BELOW 100+ degrees finally! Only the low 90s for the next couple days. And yes that still sounds so hot, but it's raining so it doesn't feel that warm out.

I really hope this steady rain lasts a few days because it's a good soaking rain but not a downpour. So we get the constant steady flow which will do wonders for the parched earth and hopefully fill up those sadly depleted lakes and rivers.

So I say BRING ON THE RAIN! I was even tempted to revert to childhood for a little while yesterday and just stand outside in the rain, and dance around in excitement that we are finally getting some rain.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Well I had to break down and do it yesterday....

Buy new clothes I mean. :-) I've gained a lot of weight in the past year and most of my pants are too tight. (I tell ya, it's all those lunches at a really good Mexican restaurant by work. Those tortilla chips had to be a big part of it. LOL) I've been trying really hard to resist buying new clothes because I'm bound and determined to lose these extra lbs again. I did buy a few pairs of shorts this year but I was really good and bought minimal number of pairs, just enough to get me through summer.

What did it is I'm probably going two-steppin' tonight with a bunch of friends from my singles' group and I realized nothing I have appropriate for dancing fits! That made me realize that none of my pants for winter will probably fit either. So I had to get something that does. I've been trying SO hard to minimize spending too. Well anyhow, New York and Company has a sale right now on almost all their pants and jeans. Buy one pair regular price, get a pair for $15 (which is less than half price for most of them). So I went in and tried on a ton of pants. Found several pairs that fit pretty well and weren't outrageously priced. Fortunately most of my tops still fit since I don't carry my weight there, so I only needed pants. I went with the real basics and bought few pairs to take home. Got a couple pairs of jeans too.

It KILLED me to have to do this because even with the sale, I didn't exactly get out of their especially cheap. But the good news is now I have a few pairs of pants that fit comfortably to get me through winter. AND I have something I won't be embarrassed to wear if I do make it out dancing tonight with everyone.

It just reinforced for me too that I need to start exercising again! It's too unbearably HOT right now for me to even think about it (we're talking 25+ days in the triple digits this summer so far) but as soon as it cools off and gets back in to the 80s or so, I'm going to have to commit myself to some heavy duty exercising and watching what I eat if I hope to get rid of most, if not all, of this extra "baggage" by summer time.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dinner with Sonia Thursday night last week

Thursday I had the chance to finally meet up with Sonia for the first time since our cruise, which, after some thinking we realized will be FIVE years in crazy is that?  Wow, time sure flies.
Sonia got to the hotel about 6:30 and I came out with Tommy to meet her in the hotel lobby. Sonia liked Tommy right away, thought he was very friendly and nice, and seemed to be completely excited about his upcoming wedding and totally in love with his wife to be.  After everything he's been through, Sonia was happy to meet him at such a happy time in his life. :D  Then I took her around and she met all the family. She met Dad, Tanya and Leah, who was adorable as always.  She waved to Sonia the entire time we were with them and Sonia just loved that.  Then I introduced her to mom, Susan and Amy, and on the way out, Aunt Claudia, Jeanie and the girls, and maybe Uncle Dave too, I can't remember if she met him or not. 
From there we headed out to a sushi restaurant that Quentin recommended.  We drove past it three or four times because even though we were looking for it, we were so deep in conversation that we completely missed it.  Then we drove around in circles for a bit, looking for a parking space, and had one "stolen" right from under our  But we finally just parked in a garage, and headed to the restaurant.  The restaurant was called Fuji's and was really cute and contemporary in its decorations.  There was a large bar, with two flat screen tvs, a bunch of tables and a sushi bar in the back.  The ladies room was BRIGHT pink, with some really funky faucets.  Very cute place.  It also seemed to be the "happening spot" for a Thursday night, it was packed.
We ordered a WIDE assortment of sushi, each of us trying something new, and some miso soup, and edamame.  The food was all excellent.  I actually think the sushi itself was some of the best I've ever had.  And the prices were really reasonable too.  We even had dessert, although, it was a bit chilly in the restaurant, and we ordered ice cream, so it was too cold for Sonia to finish hers. ;-)  The temperature outside had actually dropped FINALLY that night, so that was good.
We had a wonderful time chatting non-stop all night long.  We get along wonderfully and I think we both wish we lived closer, because we'd hang out a LOT if we did. We talked about everything from family, and work, to men, and cooking, and books and tv shows.  We finally left about 9;45 since Sonia had an hour's drive home.
Then we still drove around for another 20 minutes or so, because we got slightly misplaced (never lost, we found our way soon enough), and continued to chat away.
It was SOOO nice to get to see each other after so much time!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boston and Tommy's wedding. Part 2

The wedding was Saturday afternoon. Tommy and Tanya couldn’t have had a more perfect weekend for their wedding.

We all got up for breakfast and headed down to the restaurant in the hotel. The stories I could tell about the breakfasts at the hotel alone… but I’m not going in to that here. After breakfast, it was straight back to the room to get ready for the wedding. I had to put my hair up in rollers which takes a while so I did that first. Then while they were cooing in my hair I did everything else I needed to get ready. We met in the lobby about noontime.

My Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary from NY had arrived Friday evening so I saw them then. My Aunt Kathy and Aunt Marsha came in Friday as well so I got to see them then as well.

We all caravanned to the church and waited out in the alcove there (and it was HOT in the alcove) until they opened the doors to the church. Tommy and Tanya had a HUGE wedding party! Many friends and relatives were included. Amy did one of the readings and I did the petitions. Susan’s official duty was to walk Leah down the aisle in the processional in to the church.

Before the bridal party entered, one of Tanya’s friends had made a slide show of Tommy and Tanya’s lives and that was about 20 minutes long. Those of us who had been at the rehearsal had already seen it, and boy did it make us cry! Even seeing it the second time. Just seeing all those photos of Tommy from his baby days to now, brought tears to my eye. He’s been through so much over the years and I couldn’t be happier for him and prouder than I am for how he got past everything to reach this point. The picture that really hit us all hard was on of Tommy and Grandma H at his high school graduation. Grandma’s been gone now for several years but seeing the picture of her made all of us cry our eyes out. We were prepared, and we warned my relatives to make sure they had tissues as they would need them.

After the slide show, the service started. The minister conducting the ceremony was a good friend of Tanya’s, and she’s a new minister at that. This was the first wedding she performed on her own. She had assisted at others I guess, but this was her first solo venture. So that made it all the more special for them. The service was short, and one of Tanya and Tommy’s friends, Quentin, sang a song during the Unity Candle part of the service and he has an AMAZING voice!

Off and on all through the service I would start crying, just seeing my baby brother up there at the altar getting married! He noticed and was teasing me a little about it at the reception. I must have told him 50 times that I couldn’t believe he was married now. LOL he just kept smiling and saying he couldn’t believe it either.

After the ceremony was the obligatory photos then we headed to the reception. It was held at a local yacht club and the whole reception was done in a seashore motif, right down to the cake. The centerpieces on the tables were glass vases filled with sand and sea shells, and sea shells were scattered on the tables as well. There were sea shell lights strung about the room too. The cake was very different, with a sea blue color icing and white chocolate sea shells decorating it. The cake itself was a layer cake with one layer of chocolate and one of white cake, in each tier. And one cake, the groom’s cake I guess it would be, was a carrot cake. Tommy wanted that. J

The meal was buffet style and there was SOOO much food, all of it wonderful. There was chicken, scallops, eggplant parmesan, rigatoni, salad, veggies, and tons more too. We all stuffed ourselves.

The whole wedding and reception were a blend of non traditional and traditional. At the reception, they did the wedding party dances and all before the food was served. The traditional bride/groom dance was sung by another friend of theirs. (They have some talented friends!) After that, they did the cake cutting, also before we ate. Then after that all was done, we ate and then the regular dancing was afterwards. The toast was fun too, as Chris, Tommy’s best friend and best man, told us some stories about Tommy’s adventures in his younger days. All I’m going to say about that is… I never knew my brother had such a thing for experimenting with fire…

Since the reception was at a yacht club, it had a deck that wrapped around two sides of the building so most people were out there the whole time. So not a lot of folks dancing. But we were out there on the floor most of the day. LOL Most of the music was 70s and 80s music and most of the slow songs were country songs. There were some REALLY funny moments too. One of their friends, did a whole routine to Thriller, and a couple others of their friends jumped in for part of the song too. Then the same friend who danced Thriller, lip synched Neil Diamond later on, with one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets as his “microphone.”

Everyone had a ball, a few people had TOO much fun, and a few too many drinks. There were some unpleasant moments as a result of that but I’m not about to go in to them here. Said people were quite subdued and embarrassed the next day when they realized what they’d done.

After the reception, which was over by 7:30 since it was an early wedding, we all went back to the hotel and hung out on the pool deck and in the bar area all night. This was quite interesting as Dad and Uncle Dave had both indulged a bit in the drinks, and as a result, they were telling us many stories of their high school exploits they never would have told us otherwise. It was very amusing hearing some of these stories, many of which we’d not heard before. Aunt Claudia had a couple stories of her own too. And Tommy told us several stories he probably would not have if he’d not been indulging at the hotel either. LOL I finally went to bed about midnight.

Sunday there was a brunch at Tanya’s parents’ yacht club (a different one than the reception as at). I think this was a previously unplanned event, and was a spur of the moment decision Friday at the rehearsal dinner. Tommy and Tanya weren’t leaving for their honeymoon (to Aruba) until Monday morning, so I think Tanya’s parents just wanted to extend the weekend a little longer for the happy couple. All our relatives left Sunday morning, but we ventured in to Boston one more time to go to the brunch. We had lots of eggs, bacon, sausage, bread, and some more wedding cake. Tommy and Tanya opened all their gifts there too. Most of their friends managed to make it, though a few were sleeping off the previous night’s alcohol consumption. LOL We stayed for the whole thing and we left to head back to the hotel about 2:00. We got on the road about 3:15 for the long drive home. We finally got home about 2 AM.

Monday and Tuesday I was at home, though I went to dinner with my best friend, Jackie, Tuesday night. I flew home to TX on Wednesday and today it was time to go back to work.

As expected, it was an exhausting trip, but an enjoyable one that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. I took TONS of photos and got them all developed today.

And that, my friends and readers, is the whole unabridged version of my trip to Boston. I’ll post about my dinner with Sonia last Thursday in a separate post.

Boston and Tommy's wedding. Part 1

Here is the most important blog of all the ones posted today. J

I flew to Pittsburgh last Tuesday, and of course dad met me at the airport. Mom was going to come too, with Joey and baby Tommy, but Tommy had fallen asleep just before they had to leave, so Mom stayed home so she didn’t need to wake him up. But as soon as I got to Mom and Dad’s, I got plenty of time in with the boys! It was a full house that night too. My cousin David stays a one or two nights a week at their house, so he was there that evening too.

Amy had made appointments for all of us for manicures and/or pedicures so we headed over to the nail salon for that. I had just gotten a pedicure before leaving, so I just got a manicure, which is a mess by now. LOL I took my book with me though (of course) so I read while I wanted for the other three to finish up. After that, I had to get some adjustments made on my cell phone, (new phone, not sure of a few things on it) so I had to go to the mall for that. Plus we all had a couple things we needed to go there, so we malled it that night.

Wednesday I rode up to Boston with Mom and Dad. Tommy and Tanya and Leah were already there as a friend got married the weekend before them. Susan and Amy were flying to Boston that night. Ten hours in the car later, we made it to the hotel, and my Aunt Claudia, Uncle Dave, and cousin Jeanie with her girls were already there, having arrived the day before. We arrived jus tin time for dinner so after getting settled in, we all went to a local sea food restaurant for dinner. I had tuna steak with wasabi topping for my dinner. It was nice to see my relatives again since the last time I saw them was last August.

Thursday we went on a whale watch. Well most of us did. Mom and Dad decided to spend the day with Tommy and Tanya, learning where the church, reception, and rehearsal dinner restaurant were. So off we went, bright and early to the Boston Aquarium, where we had to meet for the boat for the whale watch. We lucked out and had a wonderful day for this (though it was bloody HOT!) We saw a TON of whales, three different kinds, and some were right smack next to the boat. So close we could even see them under the water. I got some AWEsome photos during the whale watch.

After we finished up on the whale watch, we went to Fanueil Hall and had lunch at the Cheers replica bar, where we all took turns getting our pictures taken with Norm. LOL We also did a bit of shopping too.

Then we went back to the hotel and most everyone went swimming. I didn’t though because I wanted to take a shower before meeting Sonia for dinner. I’m gong to cover the dinner in a separate post too.

Friday morning we went on a guided tour of Freedom Trail. We only covered part of the trail but it was fun, especially since last time I did it was over 20 years ago! It rained that morning so we got soaked. But it stopped just in time for the tour so we weren’t as miserable as we could have been.

After the tour we ended up at Fanueil Hall again and ate lunch in the food court. More like food mall though! You could travel all around the world in there. LOL I went to Poland for lunch and Italy for dessert. (Kielbasa with sauerkraut for lunch and chocolate chip cannoli for dessert). After that we headed back to the hotel as we all needed to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Well most of us anyhow.

So we then headed to the church for the rehearsal, then we went to the restaurant for dinner. We got back pretty late, so my relatives he drove in that day we didn’t get to see until Saturday morning.

Next post will be the wedding…

Shakespeare in the Park

Last overdue message… J

A couple weeks ago, my singles group went to see Shakespeare in the Park. The show we saw was Midsummer Night’s dream, and it was the last night it was being performed. That is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays so I was excited to see it. And this was a very different version of the play it was performed as a musical!

King Oberon was dressed like a 70s rock star, complete with big hair and wild clothes. Titania was a woman with a fabulous R&B/soul sound kind of voice and appearance. Puck was hilarious, and was also dressed like a rock star, in black and white pants, no shirt, and a funky hat. There were even back up singers, random fairies, wearing micro mini hot pink dresses and bright white go-go boots. Bottom was a Latin American guy, in a landscaper’s uniform and he was a riot! The rest of Bottom’s troupe reminded me of, oh heck I’m blanking on their name, the guys who sing “YMCA.” There were nerds, the sleazy looking guys who think they are God’s gift to women but really aren’t, and then some.

The performance was incredible and everyone had fantastic voices. They stuck to the script of the play very well, just changing it in the parts where they had the songs.

We even had a pretty impressive nature show in the background. Way in the distance, behind the stage from our angle, there was heat lightning all night. So we had the backdrop of the lightning flashes and light which made the evening gorgeous.

There was a good number of folks who went, probably 20 or so, though we split into two groups after getting there due to lack of space for our whole group. We all brought drinks and munchies, and there were even a couple bottles of wine passed amongst our crew.

It turned out to be a gorgeous evening, lots of fun, very relaxing, and a great time to just hang out and visit with each other. It gave me a chance to talk to a couple folks I had not met before, or have no had much opportunity to talk to in the past. I SO want to do that again!

Delicious dinner I made a few weeks ago

Yes another overdue post. LOL

I decided several months ago to TRY and get more interested in cooking (sorry hasn’t happened yet.) I bought three different Rachel Ray cookbooks, since a couple of them sounded right up my alley (like the Express Lane cookbook where no meal is supposed to take more than 30 minutes to make). Well I was flipping through the Express Lane cookbook and came across this one photo that looked delicious! So I had to try it.

It was called Bloody Mary burgers with garlic roasted broccoli. The burgers had all the spices in them you find in a Bloody Mary (hence the name) and had a mayonnaise/crushed fresh tomatoes topping. The broccoli was fresh instead of my usual frozen and was marinated in chopped garlic/oil/something else. I forget what the something else was. LOL

Granted it took me more than 30 minutes to cook since my kitchen counter is about 6 inches square. LOL it was fabulous though! The burgers were HUGE though and next time I make it I’m using half the amount of meat it calls for. And they weren’t as spicy as I expected it to be, so I think I’ll pep it up some next time. The broccoli was delish too! This was a dinner I didn’t mind eating for several days in a row. J

Long overdue report on my beach vacation in July

Yes I'm LONG overdue since I just got back from my second vacation. LOL So this won't be very detailed. LOL


Well I flew to Myrtle Beach on July 1st and spent the week there with Mom and Dad, Amy, Dave, and the boys. I got there about 3 in the afternoon or so and everyone but Mom and Dad were at the pool or beach. I didn’t hit the water that day but I hunted them all down and got a big WET hug and kiss from Joey, soaking the whole front of me. LOL Not too long after that, everyone came up to the condo to get their showers and all. That night we went to dinner at a very good steak house and I discovered my new favorite alcoholic beverage – a Hypnotini! What pray tell is that? It’s a new alcohol called Hypnotique, which is sorta fruity flavored. That was mixed with white cranberry juice, blue Curacao and another kind of juice I’m forgetting…pineapple maybe. Anyhow, it was YUMMY and I had a couple throughout the week. In the drink was a blue glow stick which Joey especially loved. LOL


We did a little shopping that night, window shopping for most of us. Mom did end up buying Vera Bradley purses for herself, me, and Amy though and I have to say I LOVE that purse! This designer hasn’t quite caught on down here yet, but her popularity is growing so we may see her stuff here yet. LOL


Tuesday I hit the beach and began my week of reading and relaxing. I got lots of sun, lots of sleep, and read several books throughout the week.


Tuesday was also the 4th of July. So we spent the day at the beach, had dinner, and came back to the condo to watch fireworks. SOOO many people shoot them off on the beach we didn't need to go anywhere for a fantastic display. Every night on the beach there are fireworks by tourists, but Tuesday was the most all week long for obvious reasons.


Monday or Wednesday (I forget which LOL) I think was the day we went to this Italian restaurant dad found on one of his trips there and it was absolutely delicious! I had linguine with red clam sauce, which I’ve eaten many many times. This was the first time though that the clam meat actually was put on my dinner still in the shells. A few years ago, I’d have refused to eat that (I don’t like eating things that look like they do when alive. LOL) but eating sushi as much as I do now, I’ve gotten used to trying things that are different than the norm for me. I ate every single bite of that meal and it was really good.


Wednesday we women (and children) went to the outlet malls and the men went golfing. Thursday was more beach time and Friday we went shopping again, I think it was that day anyhow, and the men golfed again. On this trip I discovered the store Stein Mart and have a new favorite store! Fortunately there’s one only about 15 minutes from where I live. Between the two shopping trips, I ended up buying way more than ever anticipated. Found a dress for Tommy’s wedding, a couple skirts and shirts I liked, not one but TWO pairs of shoes for the wedding, a new suitcase to replace mine that is falling apart due to excessive usage the past several years LOL, several books from a small press publisher I like that is hard to find in brick and mortar stores, and a gorgeous faery figurine to add to my collection.


Saturday and Sunday were more beach days. Amy, Dave and the boys left Sunday morning. Sunday, later in the morning, my aunt uncles, two of their daughters, and one daughter’s friend arrived. They were spending the second week there with mom and dad. So that was nice because this is Uncle Les and Donna, who sort of “adopted” me when I went to college out in Doylestown since they lived close by. I used to see them at least once a year at family reunions and such, but this was the first time I’d seen them since moving to TX. So I got to spend the day with all of them and Uncle Les came with us to the airport Monday for me to fly back to TX.


And that is my breezed over report on my July vacation to Myrtle Beach. We did have a HUGE thunderstorm the one afternoon and I got some AWEsome pictures of it with my digital camera. You can even see the rain falling far off in the distance on some of them. I’ll have to post some of those to my blog later on.

Why do I have such bad luck with insurance companies?

OMG! I am royally ticked off with them! I got a letter in the mail a couple weekends ago saying that my car insurance settled on a claim from when I bumped one of my neighbor’s car back on Easter. Of course the letter didn't say what the settlement was so I called them, curious how much it ended up costing. THEY TOLD ME IT COST $997!!!! I'm sorry but no way did I do that much damage to that car! I saw the dang thing right after it happened and it was very minor, so minor that we both figured a couple hundred bucks tops. And even that was a stretch in my opinion.
She didn’t even want me to file an insurance claim since it was minor. But I pushed the issue because I thought this woman was such a nice lady, one of those folks who would do anything for anyone, even give the shirt off her back if it would help. I never would have mentioned paying it myself if I had any reason to believe looking at it that it would cost that much!
The claims adjustor I talked to started saying something about a headlight being damaged etc etc. That’s crap! The part of the car I damaged was not even close to the headlight! It wasn't even close to the freaking mirror I was going to pay for part of, since she insisted it wasn't worth fixing the dent because it was so minor, but said her mirror had been broken a while and in need of fixing. The scratch on my car was barely there and only a couple inches long, able to be buffed off if I cared to put the effort into doing that, which I didn't. I was going MAYBE 5 MPH because I was backing out of a parking spot, in a lot where there are kids all over the place since I'm 30 feet from the swimming pool.
I told the insurance agent I wanted to see a copy of the claims paperwork and the photos. She also wanted to look at the photos again. But gee, go figure, she didn't have a copy of them. Apparently whoever it was that actually went out and performed the estimate forgot to send the photos with the estimate. I actually feel bad for the woman I was on the phone with because I was practically screaming at her and it's not her fault at all. And I went on to see that the minimal damage to my car does not match up to the amount of damage that they claimed I did to her car. I think the fact I was so livid over the settlement now has the agent I talked to questioning what happened. I mean, nothing is going to affect how much I have to pay. They charge me the same amount no matter how much the claim is for. And they already paid out the money so it's not like they can get it back now. But I think the fact that I was so flipping mad, even knowing, and telling the agent I know none of this is going to change what I have to pay on my policy, even if they do determine there was something funny here, had the agent really questioning the validity of the estimate. Not that I can prove anything now. Too much time has passed
Never ever in a million years would I have pegged this woman for one who would take advantage of an insurance company. She's so incredibly nice to EVERYone and bends over backwards to help people when they need it, no matter who they are and what they need. And yet she'd turn around and commit what amounts to insurance fraud?!? I've seen her with so many others and I just can't equate the two pictures I'm getting of her right this moment. 
I called Mom as soon as I got off the phone with my insurance company. I told her what all happened on this conversation I had with them. Her response? Mom's words were along the lines of Well I guess she has the wool pulled over everyone's eyes.
OOHHH I am just so darn MAD over this whole thing!
And now a couple weeks after I got the letter form the insurance company, STILL no word on the photos or me getting a copy of the claim. In fact, right before I went on vacation, I got a phone call because the insurance company had my info screwed up. They told me I was driving on an expired license (mine expires in 2010) yet they couldn’t ‘find” even the license number! So I had to fax them a copy of my license to prove I am in fact, driving quite legally, thank you very much. Grrrr.

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