Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Stolen car part 3

Well Dusty was able to get down there yesterday (Tuesday) and pick up my car from the auto pound and it did cost a pretty penny to have it released. So I contacted my insurance company and they said to keep the receipt since the charges to get the car back can be applied against my deductible for any repairs needed. He hasn't gone through the list I made up of what was in the car yet, but the insurance agent said that was OK and I could do that when I got home if I wanted. But he's going to do that this weekend he said. What a way to spend the holiday huh?

Anyhow, he did check the obvious stuff and told me:
my trunk-mounted 6 CD changer is gone. along with the audio book CDs I had just put in the CD changer before I left
my radar detector is gone (a GOOD one I bought just before moving hence why they probably stole it)
my ash tray full of spare change and one dollar bills for tolls is gone (that had to have been a good $50 there)
his phone was gone

My radio was still there, and the person arrested had their cell phone in the car and a jacket too. He also told me the car is filthy and stinks to high heaven from whoever stole it, so he's going to give it a good cleaning this week.

My insurance agent told me the CD player is covered but she doesn't think my personal property is covered. Though it might fit somehow under the part of my policy covering vehicle renter's insurance. We have to figure all that out when I get home.

But amazingly enough, there is no damage to the car anywhere else so I was very lucky. And I give a HUGE kudos to the DPD for recovering my car so quickly (within 18 hours of it being reported stolen).

So that is the end of the car saga... for now anyhow.


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