Wednesday, July 11, 2007

sad news

My Mom sent me an e-mail today that surprised me and upset me but she knew I'd want to hear the news. Even in her message she was telling me she was sorry to break the news to me this way but she knew I'd want to know. One of the girls I was in grade school with and was very good friends with back then, just died. She's had a bad heart her entire life and had open heart surgery very young. I forget how old she was, but it was before second grade even because she had the scar then I remember. Or maybe it was IN second grade. I forget exactly but I remember when we had our First Reconciliation ceremony, she chose the priest she went to because of how he was there for her and her family the entire time she was so terribly sick.
Probably 10-15 or so years ago, she was in very bad health again and everyone was worried about her. I haven't seen her since I moved to TX and we lost touch after high school, but I used to bump into her now and again at church or the mall or some other place since her family lived not too far from mine (10 minutes away maybe). After that bad period she had, she looked pretty good and seemed to be doing well, though she looked a little older for her age due to the stresses on her body from the heart problems.
She just died this week and is being buried on Saturday. Granted, I think everyone knew it would come eventually for her, and younger rather than older, but it's still such a shock to hear. She's MY age! People aren't supposed to die this young! Like I said, I haven't seen J in at least 4 years, but I'm still very upset about it. I wish I could be there for the funeral. We were quite good friends back in the day and I still have some pictures from my birthday parties she came to and parties that we went to. We used to go over to each others' houses to hang out and stuff.
I asked Mom if she was planning to attend the funeral or anything and asked her that if she does to please pass along my condolences to J's family. And I asked for their address so I can send a card.


At 4:28 PM, Blogger Terri said...

Kelley, I'm so sorry! What a blow... I'm sending big hugs your way, girl. I'm sure your card and condolences will be very appreciated by the family.


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