Wednesday, December 22, 2004

And now I'm caught up... Wednesday 12/22

Today I was home during the day, though I was out with Mom for a little while as she had to go to the grocery store and I needed some things and to get a prescription filled. While at the grocery store, we saw they had some Steelers stuff and Mom and I both got some things. I got a cool Steelers t-shirt (Mom bought the same one for her and Dad too), a Steelers baseball hat (which Mom bought the same one for Dad), some Steelers window stickers and of course my "Terrible Towel." I can't get that stuff at home in Dallas. It's Cowboys everything down there and I'll NEVER like the Cowboys! I still need to get me a Steelers AFC North Champions t-shirt before I go home though. And I'll be wearing my gear for all the play off games once they start! I already forewarned Dusty to be prepared and told him I may bring him one home too and make him wear it for the playoffs. LOL He was amused by that.

Tonight Jackie came and picked me up a little after 6 and we went out to dinner. Marcy was going to come with us, but she ended up getting sick and was unable to come with us. Jackie and I went to Olive Garden and exchanged out Christmas presents. (She bought me the 4 CD LOTR Return of the King.) After dinner we went to the movie theater to see Bridget Jones. It was cute and funny and a lot like the first movie, but not quite as funny. I liked the first one better though this one was good too.

It was about 11:30 I got home and Mom and Dad had put the lights on the tree while I was out. So tomorrow we'll be putting up all the ornaments.


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