Thursday, December 23, 2004

Only two more days till Christmas

It's hard to believe I've been home a week already and even harder to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Where has the time gone?

Today Joey was here again and it was also Dad's first day as being retired. I think Joey wore him out! Dad's not used to being around a youngster all day long. But then again, neither am I! LOL

I slept late again... after all it IS my vacation ;-) not getting up till about 11:30. About 20 minutes later Amy got here with Joey and we were all running the rest of the day. I wish I had half as much energy as Joey does. Let's see, we watched "Shrek and Donkey," again and Spiderman 2, again. We played bunches of computer games and watched some TV shows he likes. Dave got here about 5:30 or so and took Joey home not long after. Poor Joey... he did NOT want to go him and through a tantrum, wanting to stay here longer. But Dave won out of course, and off they went to finish Christmas shopping.

Mom and Dad had tickets to a show tonight and Susan had called off work. So we ate a fairly early dinner so Mom and Dad had time to get ready to leave. Susan had to go finish her Christmas shopping as well (Boy am I glad I had to do mine early so I could mail it all home. LOL) and was headed to the mall. She asked me if I wanted to go with her, but I had my own things to do here tonight. I had made no plans with anyone this evening so it was just me most of the night. I balanced my checking accounts (both of them, edited a book review for someone, updated some of my website files, and wrote two reviews of books I had read. I still have one more to finish tonight and have another I had started, to finish later on.

And that was my day.. not a lot going on today, unless you count playing with Joey all day and squeezing in doing some laundry as well.


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