Thursday, January 06, 2005

Back to TX

Well my flight home was to leave Pittsburgh at 12:10 on Monday. Mom and Dad both took me to the airport and we got there really early since we weren't sure how busy it would be. Turns out it wasn't overly crowded so we had tons of time. We went to Au Bon Pain for some breakfast and we sat there until it was time for me to go through security. I barely had to wait at all so I got over to the gate with plenty of time to spare, which I used to read my book, as always.

We were late starting to board the plane and when we finally started to taxi out of the gate, they found some computer problems and had to pull back in to the gate to fix them. So we were delayed even longer. We were supposed to arrive in DFW at 2:17 but didn't get in until 3:50. Dusty was there to pick me up of course and he was really glad I was home. He had actually spent a good hour and a half at the airport too since it was there in time to pick me up at the scheduled arrival time and we were so late. He still hasn't been able to replace his cell phone yet so I couldn't call to tell him about the delay.

He had told his boss he WAS taking the afternoon off so after we got my luggage we went for a late lunch at one of the little "hole-in-the-wall" Mexican restaurants I love. After that we headed home though we didn't ally do anything after getting my luggage inside. We did open our Christmas presents and he had bought a few extra things for me I didn't know about, so that was fun. After that we went to the store for some groceries we needed and then we hit the video store to rent movies for the week.


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