Friday, December 31, 2004

Thursday 12/30

Not much happening this day. Joey was here all day for Mom to babysit and he was miserable in the morning, being super tired. But he took a short nap around 11:15 or so and after he woke up he was much better. We watched movies and cartoons all day and spent a few hours on the computer too playing his games. Dave picked him up about 5 or so and Amy got here about an hour or so later.

Mom and Dad had tickets to see Oklahoma! last night and Amy and I had tickets to see the Jim Brickman Holiday concert. I bumped in to an old friend, Katie, at the concert. She now lives in Boston and has since this past summer and was home for Christmas. It's so funny we bumped in to each other the way we did. She's engaged now and getting married in June '05. I haven't talked to her since last Christmas, so we chatted a bit and caught up on some things before heading in to the show.

The concert was great as it was a couple years ago when I saw it. He played a lot of his hits and a bunch of Christmas songs as well. That was over about 1015 or so I think it was and Amy brought me home.


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