Sunday, December 26, 2004

Day After Christmas

I got up about 11:30 and Mom and Dad were at Church. Susan had to work today so it was just me for a little while. Mom and Dad got home and we all got ready to watch the Steelers game. Dad had his tshirt on and his "Terrible Towel" at the ready. I didn't really watch the game but listened to it while reading my book. I finished that book (finally! It was really good but holidays are not a good time for reading. LOL) and started another.

Steelers won again (OF COURSE!), beating the only team that has beat them all season long. And it was kinda ironic how it all worked out. Our new QB, Ben Roethlisberger (spelling probably off) came into the first game of the season against the Baltimore Ravens (today's team played) when the QB who started in that game got injured. Then today Ben got injured and Tommy Maddux (who was injured that first game against the Ravens) finished the game. So now we can say we beat EVERY team we've played this year and this game clinched home field advantage for them throughout the playoffs. GO STEELERS!!!

After the game was over I came upstairs to check e-mail and all and here I still be. :-)


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