Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Eve

Well I had a chance today to sit down and add another entry.

Friday was somewhat busy for me. Amy had called me Thursday night and said if I wanted my hair colored before Christmas, then to be at the salon at 11:00 AM Friday. So Dad drove me down and he went shopping at Sam's Club till I was done. Amy did the color on my hair but not the highlights yet. Though she said she'll do those this week sometime. And I had my eyebrows done too. I don't know what kind of wax they use, but the redness I always get after waxing was minimal and faded pretty quickly And I usually get a slight reaction to the wax as well, but this time there was nothing. Which is good considering I'd have hated to be at Church Friday night looking like Groucho Marx. LOL

Friday afternoon I didn't do a whole lot. I had one more gift to wrap (the one Amy and I bought for Dave) and read most of the afternoon. Then we had dinner and get ready for Church. We went to Midnight Mass, which is actually at 10 pm now, like always. But I was really disappointed because the Choir did not sing my absolute favorite Christmas Carol ever... Carol of the Bells. They've done it every single year since we started going to Midnight Mass and this year the director took it out! I was upset and so was Susan, for the same reason. Other then that though. the choir was great as always and Mass was actually shorter then it usually is. After Mass we came home and I called Dusty before getting ready for bed.


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