Friday, December 31, 2004


I'm trying to think back to what I did this day.

Jackie called me and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch so she picked me up about 12:30 or so. I got to meet Mike, her fiance for the first time and he seems really nice. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Both of them ordered a breakfast meal (CB has AWEsome breakfasts served all day long) but I was in the mood for a regular meal. I wanted the meatloaf but it only came in a huge meal so I had way more food then I wanted to eat. LOL

After we ate we browsed the store there a little bit then headed over to a movie theater to see if we could find a movie we'd all agree on wanting to see. The drive to the theater was harrowing as the truck in front of us was ALL over the highway and actually HIT an 18 wheeler! He (the truck in front of us) lost control briefly and we thought surely there'd be a nasty accident. But he recovered and pulled off at the next exit. The 18 wheeler I don't think ever even felt the hit as he just kept right on truckin' and never even slowed down. We finally got to the theater but it was a weird time that nothing was really starting just then. We found one movie we all were at least slightly interested in (well the two of them were anyhow, I wasn't in to much that was playing there I hadn't seen already.) but it didn't start for 45 minutes. None of us wanted to wait so we headed home.

I had called Jeff earlier in the day as that was really the only other chance we had to get together before I head home, but he didn't get my message early enough so we didn't manage to get together Monday night.

It worked out OK though because I've been running so much since I've been home that I didn't mind not doing anything for the evening.

So I spent the evening at home with Mom and Dad and I read my current book for a while.


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