Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve 2004

Today we had a "women's day" and Mom, me, Susan, and Amy all went to see The Phantom of the Opera (the Andrew Lloyd Weber version) at the theater. All of us are HUGE fans of that musical so were thrilled it was made into a movie. We got there a little late so we missed the very beginning, but we've all seen the musical so we know what happened. WOW!!! The movie was incredible! Granted, it'll never compare to the live musical but it was fabulous! Emily Rossum who sang Christine Daae's part has an amazing voice and she's only 18! And Gerard Butler as the Phantom? Oh my... absolutely brilliant. He's not Michael Crawford, but I didn't expect anyone to sing the role as well as MC does. So I went in with lower expectations of the Phantom and was suitably impressed. GB has such a powerful voice it gave me chills once or twice.

After the movie we went to Eat and Park for a late lunch/early dinner.

I'm staying in for NYE tonight. I could have gone to Amy and Dave's as they were to have a party but I just didn't feel like going anywhere with all the running I've been doing. Now it turns out just about everyone who was supposed to be there bailed and I feel bad I'm not going over. I also could have gone out with Jackie and Mike and whoever else of our high school gang goes out, but I didn't feel like it and still hadn't made up my mind about Amy's when Jackie asked me. So I will be home with Mom and Dad watching Regis Philbin on TV, filling in for Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year. And tomorrow we're going to Oil City for the Hartsell family Christmas before I go home Monday so I am glad to have one more night in.

Speaking of which, I better get offline! I have to do some laundry as I got buffalo wings sauce on my shirt and lunch today and need to wash it before it stains. And I want to do it early so I can watch the traditional NYE TV show. LOL

Here's to a happy healthy New Year for one and all!!!


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