Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolutions

Before I go into today's events, I wanted to do this so I don't forget...

Every year in one of my internet groups we post our resolutions and then the end of the year we go back and say how well we did on them. So I decided I might as well post last year's in here with my "how did I do" before posting them for 2005.

So here they are for 2004, with my comments in parentheses after them:
1. Stop goofing so much at work (didn't do so hot on this one. In
fact I think I got worse. LOL)

2. Get more organized (getting there. I have gotten some things organized more but still a ways to go.)

3. Get back to my dancing SOON (uh... didn't happen. LOL)

4. Get out of debt and save money to buy a house whenever this darn lawsuit is over and done with! (well I did get my credit counseling thing paid off completely in January or February. Then I managed to stay out of debt fairly well until I bought my new bed frame and mattress and box springs. Then summer vacation it went all to hell when I used my credit card for almost everything.)

5. Find me a decent man that I can spend a long time with, maybe forever. NOTE: I don't know why I made this one. it's not like I can PLAN to find someone and make them be "the one." It never works that way. And I didn't actually TRY to "meet someone." I just let things take their own natural course and see where they led me. But I guess I was feeling lonely and out of sorts last year, having just gotten back to TX from visiting my family for Christmas, and with no plans for New Year's Eve except a Johnny Depp movie marathon, and some shrimp cocktail and champagne with the cats. LOL
(well I did find Dusty... But too soon to tell on the rest of it I think for either of us.)

And here are the resolutions I made for 2005:
Hmmm. let me think.

1. Get myself out of debt again so I never have to go through credit counseling again.

2. Start exercising. I've been saying I need to do that for a few months now.

3. Same as last year... stop goofing off so much at work.

4. Get some sort of savings account started and stick to saving money.

5. Get quicker turn around time on all my book reviewing. I've fallen so far behind sometimes I don't get my reviews done till 3 months later then I should.

6. Start consolidating everything I have (WHY do I own so much STUFF I'll never use or wear?) and getting rid of the clutter and stop buying so much other stuff I don't need.


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