Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 2 2005

I finally got a chance to get in here and add to my blog. It's been a hectic few days since I got home from PA.

Sunday not a whole lot was going on. I went up to the mall with Mom to buy a birthday gift for our next door neighbor's little girl and I wanted to look one more time for a nice Steelers AFC North Championship shirt. I did find a championship shirt I liked, but I did get a cool Roethlisberger shirt and some Steelers magnets. :-) This weekend I'll be decorating in my black and gold as I take down Christmas decorations.

I didn't go to the party next door because I was trying to get some things done. I finished my laundry and got 2 of the 4 book reviews I needed to do, written. I finished packing (I seem to have so much more stuff then when I left here but don't see how. I mailed most everything extra home.)

Amy Dave and Joey came over for dinner since it was the last "family dinner" before I was leaving. Mom made her yummy bean soup so I could have some while home. As always I ate quite a large share of it. LOL


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